Friday, March 7, 2014

Period Drama Undergarments: Guest Post by Naomi

I know it is perhaps a rather vulgar topic… but never mind. I have some handy tips and guidelines.

Don’t go running in halls with your underwear. Just don’t. It isn’t sensible. A man might see you.

And it isn’t funny either, if it does happen.  Just don’t leave the room in your corset. It is highly improper.

Don’t let one shoulder be seen- it looks silly and not period-drama-ish. And you don’t look prettier because of it, if that’s what you are thinking. And don’t let two shoulders be seen either- that’s even worse. Ok- it looks silly.  Urgh.

No, don’t even do it when you are telling your best friend your tragic history.
You are supposed to have more than one corset, so that you can have the delight of packing one in when you are going on a holiday.

As you can see, it is great fun!

If you go out of your room in the night and all you are wearing is your underwear, wear a night-robe over it, like Emma is doing. Good girl, Emma.

Corsets are essential. So even if you don’t have a sister or a maid to help you with your corset, you must do it on your own.

Corsets don’t have to be white. You can also try a purple corset.

Pushing your corset with your hands won’t help you get even skinnier, if that’s what you thought. And you don’t need the whole family watching you put on your corset, either.

And –cough- you don’t need corsets on your arms. Just to say.

If you don’t know how to tie a knot… YOU SHOULD LEARN RIGHT NOW.

Now, I know it’s your underwear, but if you are planning to giggle with your friend in it, you must not forget to be modest, even if you are wearing your corset!

Um sorry, but you should NOT attend a ball- host a ball- in your underwear! Caroline Bingley in the bad(*cough*) other P&P has obviously forgotten to put on her dress!

I advise you NOT to dress in the same room as your friends. You might get badly influenced.

And never ask your daughter to pull your corset in the kitchen of a restaurant where the door can open as easily as a wink.

So let us now no longer dwell upon this subject. I suppose we have heard more than is necessary.
My conclusion is therefore that I advise you to keep your underwear very private. (*Lydia giggle*)


  1. Hehee, this was a very funny post, and I agree whole heartily! :D

  2. The whole running around in undergarments in period drama does get annoying doesn't it?! For Lydia it makes a little sense and perhaps for the horrid Cynthia, but in the 2008 Persuasion 27 year old Anne Elliot did it! And the bad not P&P, don't even get me started. That whole section of Little Women was bizarre. Probably part of the feminization of the whole thing (Marmee had a corset comment at one point). Meg was a lady, she would have been wearing a corset! She just might not have been vain and wearing it tight, but proper ladies wore corsets or stays like good girls wear bras today.

  3. Thank you for letting me write this, Emma.
    Oh, you put the Downton Abbey picture at the end! :)
    What happened to the Harriet and Nellie Oleson picture?

  4. Naomi,
    Yes, I wanted to include the DA picture because I thought it was so pretty. :-) I don't know what happened to the Harriet and Nellie picture! Somehow it got all stretched out.
    You might have also noticed that I re-did the picture of Catherine Morland and Isabella Thornton-- for some reason the little pink square you had on there disappeared when I tried to post it, so I made another one. :-P
    Thanks again for writing this delightful guest post! :-)

  5. Awawwaw, my sweet friend, you're welcome! It was a pleasure to write this!
    Yes I noticed the Catherine and Isabella box was different. I don't mind though- still looks fine :P I'm glad you added a new one!
    Never mind about the Harriet and Nellie pics. I think they look rather funny now :)

    Livia Rachelle,
    Yes I know! Isn't it so annoying that so many ladies in period drama's go out in their under-wear! Indeed the bad not P&P is horrid in that sense! I didn't add pictures of them because it would make me scream- it annoys me so! (Sorry, P&P05 fans! Sorry Emma, I know you "like" that version. But I know I can be honest with you, dearie!)

  6. I just reread this post and CRINGED SO MUCH.

    1. HEEHEE. I know the feeling. That's me reading pretty much every single post from the first year of my blogging career.


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